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Welcome to the State & Local Government page. Here you will find everything you need to know about our services tailored to suit the needs of Local, State, and Federal units of government. Years of experience working for and with regulatory agencies has been a true differentiator of SCS BT Squared. As budgets continue to decrease, why not choose a team with a proven track record for controlling project dollars? Whether you require a design for your new project, funding, stormwater control, construction oversight, or surveying, let us be your partner and help you achieve the goals of your governing body, and vision for your community.

Our State & Local Government services include:

  • Transportation Engineering
  • Municipal Engineering
  • Surveying / GIS
  • Construction Observation
  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Economic Grants
  • Permitting
  • Energy Management

Featured Projects:

Village Engineer Village of Merrimac

Village Engineer
Village of Merrimac

Working as the Village of Merrimac’s Village Engineer, BT Squared has lead the Village through many projects, providing guidance, direction, and supporting documentation to the Village Board of Directors for successful project implementation. The most complex project was the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) reconstruction of State Highway (STH) 78 running directly through the Village and intersecting with STH 113 ferry traffic. We were able to conduct Village meetings, create construction estimates, anticipate future development needs, upsize utilities, manage WisDOT financial participation, and fast track a design project in two months on behalf of the Village.

WisDOT STH 78 Merrimac Utility Upgrade

WisDOT STH 78 - Merrimac Utility Upgrade

The 12-mile State Highway (STH) 78 reconstruction, from the Village of Merrimac, Wisconsin, to the Village of Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, consisted of both rural and urban design and construction. BT Squared designed and prepared a utility plan set including 9,200 linear feet of water main and 2,500 linear feet of sanitary sewer, under separate contract, that was incorporated into the total plan set and bid package for the highway reconstruction. BT Squared provided design and construction administration. As a result of our work the project for the Village and WisDOT was completed on time and on budget.

WisDOT USH 12 Old Sauk to Gammon

WisDOT USH 12 - Old Sauk to Gammon

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) U.S. Highway 12 (USH 12) reconstruction from Old Sauk Road to Gammon Road in Madison, Wisconsin, was a highly complex project staged at night to maximize working conditions and minimize traffic delays. BT Squared was hired to perform construction administration, inspection, and materials management. The project schedule was aggressive and challenging. Traffic concerns for individual safety were a continuous issue. Construction included ramp extensions, rubblizing existing concrete pavement, pavement repair, base patching, and warranted pavement overlay on the Beltline. The project was completed on time and on budget.

WisDOT USH 12 Whitney to Verona

WisDOT USH 12 - Whitney to Verona

In an effort to complete long-term planning for the highway, Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) hired BT Squared to perform construction administration for U.S. Highway 12 (USH 12) West Madison Beltline project from Whitney Way to Verona Road. A flexing construction schedule between day and night was implemented to minimize traffic delays. BT Squared was up to the challenge of managing the complex schedule. Primary construction was conducted through the night in order to disrupt the least amount of traffic and expedite working conditions. Construction included grading, storm sewer work, base course asphalt, double-faced concrete barriers, temporary concrete barriers, asphalt pavement, pavement repair, and pavement marking. During construction there were no major accidents or injuries. The improvements to the Beltline resulting in a much safer roadway.

WisDOT Dell Creek Bridge Lake Delton

WisDOT Dell Creek Bridge - Lake Delton

The Dell Creek Bridge and Approaches located in Lake Delton, Wisconsin, were recently reconstructed by Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) through an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) project. The project includes a new four-lane deck with three bridge spans, wider lanes, architectural surface treatment, lighting, urban concrete approaches, and retaining walls. BT Squared was responsible for construction oversight including the new steel girders, abutment widening, staged traffic control and construction, storm sewer, curb and gutter, and public involvement with the Village of Lake Delton’s residents and businesses.

Inlet Oaks Drainage Study Delavan Lake Sanitary District

Inlet Oaks Drainage Study - Delavan Lake Sanitary District

The Town of Delavan, Wisconsin, and Delavan Lake Sanitary District, hired BT Squared to perform a drainage study for the Inlet Oaks Subdivision located adjacent to Lake Delavan. The subdivision was experiencing yard and basement flooding after a heavy rain event and excessive clearwater in the sanitary sewer system. Working closely with the client, BT Squared developed a streamlined approach to the stormwater study. This approach included maximizing existing data, conducting spot surveys, and developing smart, simple flood management alternatives.

Dane Co. Badger Prairie Health Care Center

Dane Co. Badger Prairie Health Care Center

BT Squared provided the civil, environmental, and geotechnical engineering, as well as survey services for the $20 million redevelopment of Badger Prairie Health Care Center located in Verona, Wisconsin. The county-owned and managed nursing home relocated to a new healthcare campus, encompassing 22 acres. Several alternative site designs were created in order to evaluate the building location, site grading, utility layout, access points, and stormwater systems. A Phase 1 environmental assessment was completed, along with a project estimate and existing land use study. Contaminated materials were found on site and rapidly remediated.

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